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Home Care, with You in Mind, offers support to individuals with varying specialised needs. We will provide each user with the correct support they require; this could include tracheotomy care, bowel management or PEG feeding.

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Home Care, with You in Mind, is the leading palliative care company in Stockton-On-Tees. Our main goal is to ensure dignity in death. Our palliative care service is designed for service users with life limiting or terminal illnesses. Our team of staff ensure palliative care brings comfort and support during extremely difficult times to all of those involved.

To ensure quality palliative care at home we work alongside community district nurses, and other healthcare professionals, to ensure the urgent care required is provided. We can offer support in an emergency, and aim to have service users home within a 4 hour turn around. 

You and your loved ones will be involved in completing a personalised care plan which we will ensure captures your needs and wishes during this difficult time. We will select staff to provide care based on an individual’s needs, wishes and preferences to ensure dignity in death. 

As everyone is unique and may display different behaviours, our friendly and supportive staff are fully qualified to deliver dementia care, and we ensure that each care package is personalised to the service user’s needs, 

Our team of staff will work to ensure familiar routines are respected and strive to provide continuity of care.

Dementia can come in different forms such as; 

  • Alzheimer’s Disease.
  • Vascular Dementia.
  • Mixed Dementia. 

We recognise the effects on an individual with an acquired brain injury, or spinal injury, and the changes this will make to their everyday life.

At Home Care, with You in Mind, we strive to enable individuals to return to living a full a life as possible and support the transition from hospital to home. We understand that all individuals have unique needs depending on the severity of their injuries, and we are able to provide a targeted service that will support all their needs, wishes and preferences, whilst incorporating a structured support plan which will include guidance from other healthcare professionals.

For service users with complex needs, we provide a dedicated team of trained staff to meet all needs. Our specialist staff are trained in the following areas: 

Tracheostomy care

Ventilator care

Bowel care

Catheter care


Administration of medication

Autonomic dysreflexia protocol

Professional physiotherapy regimes

We have a dedicated team of staff who specialise in overnight care. Home Care, with You in Mind, understands that everyone needs rest and recuperation. Our staff will ensure quality care including hourly checks, personal care and a friendly face throughout the night.

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